Regret and Happiness

In the fall of 2009, I asked several dozen people to tell me, anonymously and truthfully, their responses to two questions:

What action or decision do you regret the most from your life so far?

What action or decision has made you the happiest in your life so far?

From the colophon:

The answers to these questions came from people of different ages, backgrounds, nationalities, and first languages.

The responses that appear in this handwriting were submitted via email by people who were not in the same physical location as I was and thus did not write out their own responses.

I did not want to eliminate the handwritten aspect of the text, nor did I want to create something false by asking other people to transcribe these answers.

So I chose to write them out in my own hand.

When I posed this question, I asked everyone to answer honestly and in such a way that their responses each fit on one side of a sheet of paper with dimensions 3" x 5" (the size of a standard index card).

My own responses are not included in this book.

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